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Hi, I’m Katie Ackerley, a 22 year old graduate from the Wirral (near Liverpool) who is currently attempting to live in Wellington, NZ. Follow me on my journey as I try to leave the real world behind in favour of adventure and my fair share of mishaps.

Fun Facts

  1. I started blogging because I felt like it was mean to subject my housemates to endless rants and sarcasm when I could, in fact, be inflicting that pain on the whole of the internet instead. I was tired of editors always telling me I had to be positive in my reviews. Positivity often isn’t amusing. That was back when I was working as a music critic, before I realised I don’t actually know that many words to describe music.
  2. I play Ultimate Frisbee, sometimes for Great Britain. It sounds awful but it’s pretty fun, if you like driving to a different city every weekend and throwing around a piece of plastic, which incidentally I do. Or at least I like the people I do it with.
  3. I’m the laziest international athlete you will ever meet. My diets last around 3 days and I attend approximately 12% of my planned gym sessions. One time I didn’t eat a vegetable for a month.
  4. I don’t like sad or scary movies. Sad and scared are both negative emotions and I have no idea why people make themselves feel that way on purpose.
  5. I sometimes dream in cartoon. Cartoon me is just as ridiculous as actual me.
  6. I’m terrified of fish because they can breathe underwater so I’m scared they’ll beat me in an ocean battle.
  7. I’m a horrendous cook. My idea of a gourmet meal is turkey dinosaurs and smiley faces and I’m pretty damn good at making it.
  8. I wrote my university dissertation thesis on Disney movies. Yes I did a real degree.

Contact Me!

Twitter: @RealWorldRun

Instagram: RealWorldRunaway

I’m always happy to talk to brands and bloggers about collaborations and PR opportunities. Check out my work with me page to see some previous projects.

Katie x

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  1. May 13, 2017 / 7:10 am

    Hi Katie, just to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award as one of my favourite travel blogs! I was recently nominated and the purpose of the award if you haven’t heard of it is to recognise each others efforts, encourage one another and grow partnerships between bloggers.
    If you wish to accept it, take a look at my most recent post!
    All the best,
    Sarah x

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