Behind the Filter: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Behind the Filter: Gardens by the Bay by Real World Runaway

I’m not made to be in photos. I’m awkward and shy and my mouth does this weird thing where it can only smile on one side. Because of this, it’s fair to say that, as my blogging life became more photography heavy, I had my fair share of bloopers, outtakes and mishaps. While Insta-life may seem fabulous (and trust me, travelling the world is still pretty great), I thought I’d give you an insight into the not-so-glamourous moments that go into creating the perfect Instagram picture in this Behind the Filter series.

The Picture

Behind the Filter: Gardens by the Bay by Real World Runaway

The Story

This picture was taken on our first day in Singapore at the Gardens by the Bay. The super trees are something I’ve wanted to see for a very long time and it was amazing to go up into the canopy and see the city from above. What a perfect moment right? Wrong. About 30 minutes before this picture was taken, I was sitting on a bench with my head between my legs, whilst the possibility of fainting kept toying with my body. Singapore is HOT and I was stupidly not prepared for that after spending the previous few months in British winter. Top tip: Drink lots of water kids. I downed a bottle of water and climbed the stairs up to the walk way, only to be confronted with another issue. I was suddenly scared of heights.

Behind the Filter: Gardens by the Bay by Real World Runaway

Just a few moments before my one of my favourite pictures of all time was taken, this beauty of a shot came to being of the exact moment I realised that I wasn’t that big on heights. I don’t know what it was. I do a lot of rock climbing, I love zip wires, I’ve been on top of some of the tallest buildings in the world, but this 22 metre high walk way just got to me. I don’t know whether it was the remnants of the fainty feeling or the fact the bridge felt like it was swinging just slightly but it just wasn’t working for me. I pushed through though and was so glad I did. The Gardens and the walk way are just incredible and it’s well worth going for a visit. Just try not to faint.

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Katie x