How to Stay Fit Whilst Travelling by Casey Williams

Whether it’s long or short term, near or far, travel has a tendency to make us forget about our real world responsibilities. Forgetting to look after our bodies whilst away is something we’re probably all guilty of. Now, there’s no way I’m ever going to pass on an amazing French bakery or give up on my mission to find New York’s best pizza, but there are other ways you can easily stay healthy whilst on the move! Here are some top tips from Casey Williams, a writer, traveler and health enthusiast, to keep you fit whilst travelling.

Take your workout with you

You don’t have to exercise for hours every day. Just set aside half an hour or so for a workout before you get on with the rest of your day. You could make the most of the pool facilities or go on a run along the beach. But if you’d rather exercise in private, take a tablet or laptop with you and follow exercise videos. The Body Coach has some great ones you can do from your hotel room without the need for any equipment.

Use your feet

Avoiding taxis and public transport where possible is a great way of easily upping your daily exercise. You can walk a surprising amount when you’re on holiday, especially if you’re sightseeing. So avoid those hop-on hop-off bus tours and rely on your feet. Non-strenuous walking can at a moderate pace can burn 120 to 140 calories per hour for a 130-pound person.

Learn when to say no

With all-inclusive buffets and free refills, it can be hard to know when to stop. Generally, you should always stop eating before you’re full. You’ll be surprised how quickly your stomach can expand if you keep overeating, so it’s important to keep to portion sizes you’d have at home.

Be calorie conscious

On holiday, you do deserve to treat yourself. Around the world, different cuisines are bound to tempt you. But too many treats can quickly up your calorie count. TINZ highlight the following high-calorie favourites:

  • Hamburger and fries: 629 calories
  • Pizza: 1,000 calories
  • Pain au chocolat: 300 calories
  • Fish and chips: 838 calories

Now I’m definitely not saying to avoid indulging in the local cuisine, it’s just all about achieving a balance. Make sensible decisions and you’ll return home without regrets. Swapped battered fish for grilled, for example, or share a pizza.

stay fit whilst travelling by real world runaway

Try out an activity

Outdoor activities are  great way to explore your surrounding and keep things interesting whilst keeping active. Horse riding, white-water rafting, hiking, canoeing – the options are endless. Before you head off, do some research and book something you’d love to do.

How do you stay fit on holiday? Share your exercise and eating tips below.